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Political Trade Secrets is for candidates and consultants of both parties. People who believe in always improving and who understand that there’s a lot you can learn by just asking questions and listening to others who have taken different paths.

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Let us know what kinds of topics you’d like to know more about and who you’d like to hear interviewed.

Need an Answer to a Question about Your Campaign?

If you are a local candidate and need a little advice, please write your question in the Campaign Oracle section below and send it to us. Please explain your situation and your question in 500 words or less.  One of our team of political professionals will take a look and reply within a few days.

Have Something to Share with Our Audience?

If you’re a political professional and have a special topic or skill set that you’d like to share with our audience, please send us a message explaining your idea, and hopefully you can either share a guest blog post or we hear from you on a future episode of Political Trade Secrets.