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PTS013-WayneLaugesenP2-FBgraphicWayne Laugesen PART 2 – Editor of the Editorial Pages at the Colorado Springs Gazette reveals how candidates and issue advocacy groups can ace their Newspaper Editorial Board interviews [Click Here]


PTS012-JoshKraushaar-FBgraphicJosh Kraushaar, Political Editor at the National Journal, with a National Political Reporter’s perspective on how campaigns could better handle the media [Click Here]


PTS011-WayneLaugesenP1-FBgraphicWayne Laugesen PART 1 –  Award-winning journalist & Editorial Pages Editor at the Colorado Springs Gazette reveals the inner-workings of Newspapers and their Editorial Pages [Click Here]


PTS010-Kemp-Kondracke-FBgraphicMVP: Mort Kondracke, author of the JACK KEMP biography, explains how today’s politicians can model the famed Pro-Football Quarterback, NY Congressman, & father of supply-side economics [Click Here]


PTS009-SeanBartley-DustinOlson-FBgraphicAnswering Listener Questions with Republican General Consultant and Political Trade Secrets contributor, Sean Bartley [Click Here]


PTS008-DavidFlaherty-P2-FBgraphicPolling 101 PART 2 with David Flaherty, Republican Pollster and President of Magellan Strategies [Click Here]


PTS007-TJWalker-FBgraphic TJ Walker, Democrat Media Trainer and CEO of Media Training Worldwide, on how to prepare for debates (using the 1st GOP Presidential Primary Debate), look good on camera, and successfully communicate in the media [Click Here]


PTS005and7-DavidFlaherty-FBgraphicPolling 101 PART 1 with David Flaherty, Republican Pollster and President of Magellan Strategies [Click Here]


PTS005-JoeFuld-FBgraphicJoe Fuld, President of The Campaign Workshop, Answers the Question Posed in His New Book “Are You Ready to Run?” and Shares Advice on How to Become a Political Consultant [Click Here]


PTS004-BarneyKeller-FBgraphic Barney Keller, Executive Vice President of Jamestown Associates and former Communications Director for the Club for Growth Describes a Day in the Life of a Communications Director [Click Here]


PTS003-LeeVascheP2-FBgraphicLee Vasche Part 2 – Lee Vasche, President of The Signature Gathering Company of Oregon Reveals How to Successfully Petition on the Ballot [Click Here]


PTS002-LeeVasche-FBgraphicLee Vasche Part 1 – Lee Vasche, President of Triton Polling and The Signature Gathering Company of Oregon Hits Grassroots, Micro-targeting, & Getting the Most out of Your Polling [Click Here]


PTS001-BradleyCrate-FBgraphicBradley Crate, former Romney Campaign Treasurer and founder of Red Curve Solutions, talks campaign finance laws, treasury, and keeping yourself out of trouble [Click Here]



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