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💵 💪 9 ProTips to Juice Fundraising Performance

fundraising May 13, 2021

How do you put your fundraising operation on steroids? Why do many candidates find fundraising to be the most difficult part of running for office?

Today, Dustin & Sean unlock your potential to be a successful fundraiser and share with the audience how to use fundraising call time to further your entire campaign. 

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  • Get out on the court with fundraising. Do not worry about getting it right.
  • Having a script can hold you back.
  • Have mock conversations for fundraising calls.
  • Create the context for fundraising calls.
  • Remember fundraising is about your campaign vision, not about you.
  • Share your vision, and create your vision in a way that your donor gets to be a part of it.
  • Answer the four questions:
    • Is this person credible?
    • Is this relevant to me?
    • Do I want to take action on this?
    • And do I want to take action on this now?
  • Make the ask, create urgency.
  • Be specific when making the ask.
  • Always aim higher than your goal with the donor.
  • Record your fundraising calls and listen to yourself. 

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