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🍀 Opportunity: How to Create Luck on the Campaign Trail?

fundraising May 03, 2021

How can you create opportunities for your campaign? What are the keys to expanding your campaign?

Today, Dustin & Sean present the keys to creating opportunities for success for your campaign and everywhere in life. Join the conversation with your thoughts and questions!

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  • Opportunity is something that can be created through a positive mindset.
  • The amount of opportunity you have for your campaign function of the number of conversations you have on the phone, at the door, and with community leaders.
  • It is important to branch out beyond your close network to create more opportunities.
  • It is important to have a strong, clear vision for your campaign so that you can enroll others into the possibility of your campaign.
  • It is important to connect to your audience when speaking, not just speaking to them.
  • Lit drops are less effective than actually knocking on doors and having a conversation.

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