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Helping First Time Candidates w/ Jay Townsend

communications first-time candidate strategy vision visual persuasion Apr 30, 2021

What do first-time candidates need to know before they run for office? What can set your campaign apart from your competition? How can professional consulting make the difference for your campaign?

Today, Dustin & Sean tackle what it takes to run for office for the first time and how honing your message & having a partner working alongside you can elevate your campaign & empower you w/ longtime Political Consultant, Strategist, & Author Jay Townsend!

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  • Reading body language is a really useful talent to have in politics.
  • Door to door is still important today in these modern times.
  • It is important to have a consultant you can trust as a candidate.
  • It is important to establish credibility with your voters. Tell a story about your life experience and how you connect to your voters.
  • The best way to get your story out there as a candidate is through video.
  • Ask your family what they think before you run. Get in agreement with them first.
  • Stand in front of any issues in your post.
  • Be authentic as a candidate. Believe what you are saying.
  • The most important component in a campaign are the words you speak and how you speak them.
  • Make a list of ten things you would do if elected and how you would do them. Start thinking about times in your life that made you put those things on your list. This will make your campaign story.

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