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🧑‍⚖️ 📰 How to Stay Out of Jail When Running for Office & Fake News Friday

compliance fundraising transperancy May 07, 2021

What does every candidate or campaign manager need to know to keep them out of legal or ethical trouble? And what is behind the latest headlines?

Today, Dustin & Sean, two non-lawyers give non-legal advice on how to stay out of jail and out of hot water...  from disclosures, filing deadlines, and fundraising requirements, what are the things that cause the most trouble for politicians and campaigns. Additionally, they’ll tackle Fake News Fridays.

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    • Employers are having a difficult time finding workers due to unemployment benefits being so high.
    • Automation is already replacing human workers.
    • Campaign violations will stick with you forever.
    • Before you even get started, visit your elections board, secretary of state, or FEC to get the campaign rules. Know the rules before you get in the game.
    • When people donate to your campaign, to that vision, you are just part of the same vision. They are not giving you that money.
    • Be fully transparent with loans to your campaign.
    • Get a reliable treasurer and not have it be you as the candidate or an immediate family.
    • Be aware of campaign disclaimer requirements. There are different requirements for different parts of your campaign.
    • Avoid extreme underhanded tactics like phone line jamming.
    • Stay away from ballot harvesting. If you're in a place where it's legal, make sure you have a system to keep the ballot collection completely above board

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