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Machiavelli for Modern Leaders - The Prince’s Secrets for Political Strategy w/ Prof. Maurizio Viroli, Author of Redeeming "The Prince”

machiavelli maurizio viroli Apr 09, 2021

What can Machiavelli teach modern Political Leaders & Strategists? What can we learn from The Prince about Strategy, Governing, & even America’s Founding Fathers? And why is everyone always hating on ol’ Big “Mach” like he’s some evil mastermind?
Today on the show, Dustin & Sean ask Maurizio Viroli--Professor Emeritus of Politics at Princeton & Author of Redeeming “The Prince”, How to Choose a Leader: Machiavelli’s Advice to Citizens, & Niccolò’s Smile: A Biography of Machiavelli--all these questions AND more! Join us!
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  • Machiavelli is a controversial figure, but is that fair?
  • Machiavelli was extremely successful with his comedies at the time.
  • Machiavelli invites you to consider the human condition, politics, and religion through his stories.
  • Machiavelli died in 1527. Throughout his life, he traveled and had a mission to serve. He was tortured for being suspected for being part of a conspiracy.
  • Machiavelli believed strongly in civic duty and patriotism.
  • Love of country is compassionate love.
  • “I love my country more than my soul.” Machiavelli
  • Make powerless your enemies.

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