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🗺 🧭 Navigating Social Media: What is the Purpose of Social Media for Political Leaders?

facebook social media May 06, 2021

How can your campaign avoid the common social media pitfalls? How can social media be a positive for your campaign?

Today, Dustin & Sean tackle the murky waters of social media. They consider the purpose of social media for political leaders, how you can win on social media, and the pitfalls to avoid.

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  • Do not waste too much time on social media. Limit yourself.
  • Do not share or like questionable content. It will come back to possibly destroy your campaign.
  • Never post in the heat of the moment. Take time to cool down.
  • Always go back to the question of what is the purpose of social media for you.
  • If you have run before and are planning to run in the future, maintain your social media pages. Keep them updated weekly with content of value.

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