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Redistricting, the Census, & a New Congressional Map

redistricting strategy May 04, 2021

How does redistricting work? What will redistricting look like this year? How will population changes impact Congressional Races in 2022? 

Today, Dustin & Sean make sense of the new Census numbers and what they mean for Redistricting and the emerging 2022 Congressional Map w/ the help of:

-Redistricting Expert: Alan Philp of Patriot Pathways

-Guest Expert Panel: Fmr. Exec. Dir. of the NRCC John Rogers of Torchlight Strategies; Fmr. CO House GOP Leader Mark Waller of Waller Consulting; and Political Strategist Matt Wylie of Wylie Strategy Group.

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  • One of the challenges for redistricting is ensuring that maps are competitive in states like Colorado.
  • Fair maps are designed to ensure all political parties have equal opportunities to win majorities.
  • It is important to get involved in the public commenting process during redistricting.
  • It is important to challenge the press and come together as Republicans united with our message.

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