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TRIBUTE to RUSH LIMBAUGH - Open Line Friday!

limbaugh show tribute Feb 21, 2021

Please join us to pay tribute to America's Anchorman, Rush Limbaugh. We share our thoughts, stories, and insights into how El Rushbo impacted our lives and America.

Our original broadcast experienced intense interference, so we're providing this (hopefully) uninterrupted & edited version of our PREVIOUSLY RECORDED program.

Thanks to our wonderful guests for sharing your insights & appreciation: Radio Show Host Jeff Crank on the impact on radio and the conservative movement:

These Political Leaders on Rush's impact on public policy and causing real results: NC State Senator Ted Alexander: KY State Representative Ken Upchurch: CO State Representative Richard Holtorf: WI State Representative Paul Tittl:

And Dustin's Mother-in-Law & Pro-Life Leader, Deborah Bian-Lingle, and Wife & former Trump Administration appointee, Carolyn Olson, talk about the legacy of "Rush Babies" and how Rush brought multiple generations in families together!

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