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UltraLearning & How to Use It to Win Campaigns w/ Scott Young, author of “UltraLearning”

candidate preparation fundraising scott young ultralearning Apr 06, 2021

Want to learn the SECRETS to Learning Any New Skill Super Fast? Wonder how Candidates could use UltraLearning to take their persuasive skills to the next level? Today on the show, Dustin is joined by Scott Young, Author of “UltraLearning,” to get his advice on how to apply the UltraLearning method to master hard skills, accelerate your career, and outsmart the competition.
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  • Many of us label and confine ourselves to the box of traditional education.
  • Knowing is an obstacle to discovery.
  • Learning is anytime you want to make changes to yourself.
  • Not all feedback matters.
  • View fundraising as a puzzle to solve.

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